Cultivate Talent

Across the state and throughout the country, there is a shortage of skilled workers and a need to develop under−skilled talent to fill the needs of employers. Creating a pipeline for the future workforce requires quality pre−K−12 schools, access to higher education institutions, and school−to−career options through certifications and on−the−job training opportunities such as apprenticeships and internships.

The competition for talent is fierce. Hoover is known for its award−winning public schools and has grown
its economic base by attracting a diverse employer base. It is imperative for Hoover to retain talent, offer opportunities for career pathways, and continue to provide quality education for children. Collaborations among educators, the business community, and government are needed to cultivate the talent we have and what we need for the future.

The Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to develop a talent pipeline for Hoover businesses. The Chamber is focused on achieving three objectives over the next three years.

Objective A: Facilitate home-grown talent for local business.

Every community hopes to attract skilled workers and employers from somewhere else. It is important to focus on developing local talent and supporting existing, local employers. Understanding the current needs of employers, facilitating employment solutions, and retaining talent in the area is key. The Chamber will leverage three strategies to help develop home grown talent for local business:

Strategy 1: Identify employer needs and skills gaps.
Strategy 2: Create Business−Education partnerships.
Strategy 3: Collaborate to support young professionals.

Objective B: Be Employers of Choice.

There is tremendous focus on talent development and it is just as important that Hoover employers curate positive work environments that attract and retain talent. Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever before with four distinct generations, global representation, and myriad of values and experiences. By 2030, the workforce will be dominated by the Millennials and Gen Z generations. Employers and employees will define the Future of Work together. The Chamber will leverage two strategies to help develop employers of choice:

Strategy 1: Recognize top employers to work for in the Hoover.
Strategy 2: Prepare employers for the Future of Work.

Objective C: Attract talent to Hoover.

As Hoover continues to grow and be a renowned and trusted brand throughout the state and across the country, it could become the magnet that draws new talent, whether it’s for employment or for residence. Rather than a wait− and−see approach for Birmingham−based organizations to promote Hoover or organic growth, there needs to be intentional initiatives to market Hoover employers and employment opportunities. The Chamber will leverage three strategies to drive talent attraction to Hoover:

Strategy 1: Partner with the City to market and showcase what Hoover offers through Hello Hoover and other recruiting efforts.
Strategy 2: Collaborate with partners on workforce development initiatives.
Strategy 3: Use social media to target talent outside of the Hoover area.