AshLeigh Dunham

AshLeigh Dunham is chairman of the Chamber’s Ambassadors committee, and is a partner at Magic City Law, LLC, a family law boutique firm that focuses on any legal services needed by your family including but not limited to Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Personal Injury. She is also certified as a Guardian Ad Litem. Her passion and goal as a GAL is that all children will be represented in actions that they are involved in through no fault of their own. Children are put through a lot of pain and misery in the divorce process, and she thinks there should always be someone who is concerned for their best interests, and consequently, the family’s overall best interests. She graduated from Cumberland School of Law in 2010. Before attending Cumberland, she received a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Alabama and a minor in French and Business. AshLeigh can be reached at Magic City Law, LLC at 205-582-2832, located at 1927 1st Ave N, Suite 601, Birmingham, AL 35203.